Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Tapash Roy, 14th December: “A global brand building strategy is, in reality, a local plan for every market”, so said the branding expert Martin Lindstorm. And a Kolkata based food delivery business is leaving no stones unturned to bring life to this saying.

Fooza, which provides an innovative, socially driven, ultra-local, and low-cost app-based ordering and delivery platform for the F&B retail industry, believes the best influencers are the ones whom we see, meet and talk to everyday. It is in this regard that the Kolkata-based food delivery start-up Fooza Foods Private Limited announced today at Kolkata Press Club, the names of twelve (12) winners of the Fooza Face Contest 2022 held from 16 Nov 2022 to 5 Dec 2022 and felicitated them in the presence of Mr. Kapil Lohia, Co-founder & CEO, Fooza. Fooza’s business growth plans were also announced today.

Mr.Kapil Lohia, Fooza’s Co-founder & CEO, said, “We could have chosen a celebrity like a Bollywood/Tollywood orcricket star, but since Fooza’s is all about being ‘ultra-local’, we purposely chose to seek out locals from Kolkata to represent Fooza and help it grow one neighbourhood at a time.” FOOZA GROWTH PLANS On Fooza’s growth, Mr. Lohiasaid, “We are excited to announce that we have successfully secured an additional 2.5 Cr. in convertible debt funding.” This funding will allow Fooza to continue the development and expansion of itsonline delivery service in Kolkata. The funding was secured on the merit of Fooza’sinnovative technology and marketing programs and its strategy to provide a socially driven, gourmet and curated online service. Mr. Lohia further indicated, “Fooza is pursuing investors for its ‘Seed A’ funding round where we are seeking to raise 10Cr to 18Cr to not only complete the Kolkata expansion but also expand to two additional metros.”. This funding is targeted for early 2023.

The winners of the innovative Face Contest will be Fooza’s local “faces” — Fooza’s “brand ambassadors” –in their respective residential, work, or social “neighbourhoods”. The contest was open to all adults regardless of age, gender, or occupation, and it attracted dozens of qualified entrants from every part of Kolkata and greater Kolkata.

Fooza has designed this initiative to be a win-win for the Fooza Face winners, customers, partners, and Fooza. Fooza plans to continue to grow its Fooza Faces as Fooza grows. There will be opportunities in the near future for others to become Fooza Faces also.





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