Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Ganamitra Desk: The world today while juggles multiple tasks in its long to-do list, to build a safer, healthier and more inclusive world by 2030, the Indian wing of a Swedish MNC comes up with an innovative solution towards a sustainable future.

Hexagon India launched New Leica AP20 AutoPole – The World’s First tilt-compensated total station pole solution for construction and surveying professionals at on 15th November at GeoSmart India 2022 Conclave at Hyderabad International Convention Centre.

Leica AP20 AutoPole – an innovative solution for automated total stations that boosts productivity to the next level through tilt compensation, automatic pole height readings and unique target identification, is deemed as another breakthrough development by Hexagon, the global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, by tech experts.

The event was graced by the presence of Pramod Kaushik, President Hexagon India; Manoj Sharma, Director Marketing and Sales Excellence, Hexagon India; Pankaj Gupta, Director Sales Geosystems, Hexagon India; Paresh Trivedi, Director Sales SIG, Hexagon India and many others.

Leica AP20 AutoPole combines an intelligent sensor module with the new AP Reflector Pole and operates with Leica Geosystems’ existing automated total stations to create a unique solution for autonomous workflows. It opens new possibilities and is the world’s first device on the market that solves three common workflow challenges: holding the pole vertical and stable, entering the pole height manually into the field software and locking to a foreign target on a site with multiple reflectors.

Speaking to the media, Pramod Kaushik, President Hexagon India said, “We understand that tight time schedules, growing expectations for accurate on-demand data and budget constraints put a lot of pressure on surveyors and construction professionals. The AP20 AutoPole is a game changer because it solves several challenges simultaneously. Its tilt compensation and automatic pole height readings are absolutely unique in the industry and will transform how professionals measure with total stations.”

Speaking on this occasion, Pankaj Gupta, Director Sales Geosystems, Hexagon India said, “The new AP20 AutoPole converges latest sensor technologies to effectively automate the last manual processes in an otherwise digital workflow with Leica Geosystems total stations. When all three AP20 functionalities are used in conjunction, operators can measure points faster and safely on construction sites, measure in difficult weather conditions and also measure previously inaccessible points.”

The tilt compensation of the AP20 AutoPole increases efficiency when working with total stations. There is no longer a need to level the pole for measurements and stakeout. Tilt compensation decreases measurement time and increases flexibility and safety on site by enabling the measuring of points in locations that are inaccessible or put the user at risk. By updating the pole height automatically in the field software, the system ensures that the height on record is always correct, which avoids errors, time-consuming post processing and returning to the field to remeasure. Additionally, the AP20 AutoPole’s target identification ensures the user’s instrument will always lock to the correct target. The innovation is another step towards autonomous workflows in line with Hexagon’s mission to develop autonomous solutions that lead to increased productivity, safety and sustainability.


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